Tim Cook has staggering 92% approval rate from Apple employees


Tim Cook still hid a few surprises up his sleeve for the iPhone X event.
With these kind of approval rates, Cook should run for politics.
Photo: Apple

Tim Cook is one of America’s top CEOs based on financial performance. But he’s also a CEO picked out as one of Glassdoor’s “employee’s choices” of chief exec.

Glassdoor, for those unfamiliar with it, is a website which allows employees to anonymously review companies and their management.

Cook comes in at number 69 on the list of top 100 CEOs, with an approval rating of 92%. In Canada, he ranks even higher — with an approval rate of 94%. That puts him at number 17 in Canada.

Glassdoor’s list is worked out by asking employees about whether they approve or disapprove about their CEO’s performance. While it’s possible to assume that current employees ranking their top boss will produce biased, inflated responses, the fact that the survey is anonymous means that people are far more likely to be honest.

Tim Cook has been a fixture on Glassdoor’s list of top CEOs for years. However, this year’s result is still something of a return to form. Last year, Cook made the list at number 96. But this was down from number 53 one year earlier in what was the biggest fall for a tech CEO on the list. Cook is still lagging behind his 2017 position, but he’s getting closer to it. His highest ever performance was in 2016 when he emerged with a 96% approval rating.

Then again, an approval rate of 92% is something that anyone should be rightly proud of. Out of Amazon, Microsoft, Google and other other top tech giants, the CEO who scored the highest place on the list was Microsoft’s Satya Nadella. He racked up a 98% approval rate for a number six position.

You can check out the total Glassdoor top 100 CEO list at the link below.

Source: Glassdoor