Concept shows iPhone 11 without the massive camera bump


The 2019 iPhone could have a much larger camera bump than any predecessor.
This is the iPhone 11 with megabump. What if it didn’t have one?
Render: OnLeaks/

For months, reports have indicated that this fall’s iPhone models will have three camera lenses in a single large hump, a design that’s drawn criticism. An artist created a concept design of what the device would look like without the hump.

Check it out:

Why the camera bump

Apple began using cameras thicker than its handsets way back in the iPhone 6. Adding new photography mechanisms made the cameras thicker, even as the body of the device became somewhat slimmer.

Actually making an iPhone 11 without a camera bump would require significantly downgrading the photography capabilities. Most obviously, there would be no room for optical image stabilization, which requires the lens house to “float” slightly.

In addition, the rear-facing cameras in recent iOS devices include 12MP lenses that are thicker than lower-resolution ones. The last iPhone camera that didn’t require a bump was 8MP.

Implanting a third lens is expected to make the iPhone 11’s camera hump much wider than any of its predecessors. This device could offer the same telephoto and wide-angle lenses as last year’s iPhone XS series, but with an even more wide angle lens added.