Beautiful iPhone XII concept kills the notch and buttons


Check out a proposed iPhone XII with a screen that curves around all four edges.
Check out a proposed iPhone XII with a screen that curves around all four edges.
Photo: Kevin Noki/ConceptsiPhone

One way to make the iPhone’s screen larger without increasing the size of the device itself is wrap it around all four edges. An artist‘s video imagines how such an iOS handset would look, with no physical buttons and an under-screen camera.

Watch his concept video now:

This was dreamed up by Kevin Noki for ConceptsiPhone. The description says “Forget iPhone 11 and take a look on this future 2020 year iPhone XII device with No Buttons, Wireless Charge and Hidden Camera!”

Proposed iPhone XII features

The designer calls the curved screen the Space Display, and proposes that icons along the edge function a bit like widgets, sliding open when tapped to reveal notifications or controls. The volume and side buttons would, of course, become virtual.

Noki would like to see the iPhone’s front-facing camera under the screen, something still in development. This design makes no mention of the hardware needed for Face ID.

His vision does include “Photomove,” camera tech that combines still images with Live Images to create pictures in which the foreground subjects stand still but the background moves.

This dream iPhone XII features wireless charging from a distance, getting power from 65 feet (20 meters) away. This is something Apple has been working on since at least 2012, but the technology hasn’t yet proved practical.

Just considering the iPhone XII possibilities

It’s easy to point out that many of the ideas in concept devices like this one are impractical. They’re really just artists’ exploring possibilities. Consider them an exercise in brainstorming. And there are no bad suggestions in brainstorming.

Which isn’t to say that the iPhone XII is likely to look anything like Kevin Noki‘s dream.