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Apple stock could do something it’s not managed for 8 years


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Apple stock has had a whirlwind year!
Photo: Buster Hein/Cult of Mac

It can’t be said that Apple stock has had a boring last year. In twelve months, we’ve seen Apple hit $1 trillion in value. Then the stock tanked and AAPL entered the sinister-sounding “death cross.”

Now it’s rebounded and, if things continue to go well through today, it will achieve a feat it hasn’t managed since October 2010. That’s back when Steve Jobs was running Apple.

As observed by CNBC, this feat is posting 10 straight days of gains. It shows that, after a turbulent period in the company’s history, things are calm again. This comes after Apple’s March 25 event, which initially seemed to concern investors due to its uninspiring promise of new services somewhere down the line.

Now that people have had time to reflect, however, it seems that they’ve realized that things aren’t so bad after all. Apple’s Services division goes from strength to strength. And while iPhone numbers are suffering the same fate as the rest of the smartphone industry, they’re still a leading player in the market. Apple has also reduced the price of iPhones in China and India, which could bolster both markets.

Shares of Apple rose 0.4% today to hit $200.9 in pre-market trading. Overall, the stock is up nearly 27% in 2019.

Apple’s current market cap is $951.072 billion. By comparison, Microsoft is at $913.99 billion, Alphabet at $834.738 billion, and Amazon at $907.981 billion. To get to the $1 trillion value again, Apple will need to get to around $207.05 per share mark.