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Monument Valley celebrates birthday with new update and videos


Monument Valley
Monument Valley was a masterpiece of design.
Photo: ustwo/Cult of Mac

It’s one thing to be reminded that Apple turned 43 earlier this week. But it’s another when a major anniversary comes around for something which, seemingly, arrived just a couple of months back.

That’s how I feel about the fifth anniversary of ustwo’s Monument Valley. One of the most stunning iOS games yet created, the beautiful puzzle game landed in the App Store this month in 2014. To celebrate its birthday, its creators have given it a neat anniversary update. And thrown in a couple of videos for good measure.

A surrealistic masterpiece

For those who haven’t had the chance to play it, Monument Valley is a puzzle game inspired by the surrealistic designs of M.C. Escher. Your goal is to guides a princess through a series of impossible structures, which involve shifting the architecture on its axis to make her movement possible.

I’m a massive fan of Monument Valley, as you can see from the exclusive “making of” feature I wrote shortly after its release.

For the game’s fifth birthday, its creators have released a fun update which adds 10 new outfits you can collect during gameplay. There’s also a redesigned birthday level selection screen. In all, the updates aren’t a massive refresh of the game, but they’re a fun reason to revisit the title if you’ve not played it in a while. I’d also heartily recommend the 2017 sequel Monument Valley 2.

Monument Valley is available to download in the App Store, priced $3.99.

To celebrate the momentous birthday, ustwo have also dropped a couple of video paying homage to the game which put them on the map.

A look back at Monument Valley game design:

Why its creators love Monument Valley: