TweetDeck gets a gorgeous new dark mode on macOS

TweetDeck gets a gorgeous new dark mode on macOS


TweetDeck macOS
TweetDeck 3.10 is available now.
Photo: Twitter

TweetDeck, the must-have Twitter app for any power user, just got a nice update on macOS that adds a gorgeous new dark mode. The version 3.10 release has also been rebuilt to “fix many crashes.”

Twitter’s ghastly rules and restrictions for third-party clients mean that you’re almost always better off using its official apps these days. And if you use Twitter a lot, TweetDeck is best on macOS.

TweetDeck is completely free, and it offers more than the standard Twitter client — including a new dark mode for Mojave.

TweetDeck goes dark in macOS Mojave

TweetDeck’s new dark theme can be enabled automatically to match the theme of macOS, but users can also set a custom theme that ignores the system setting if they wish.

Perhaps more importantly for power users is that TweetDeck 3.10 should be much more stable now. Twitter says it has been rebuild to “fix many crashes,” and comes with “many other internal improvements.”

The latest release also includes better crash reporting, which should help “fix bugs faster in the future.”

You can download TweetDeck 3.10 from the Mac App Store now.