Nike’s futuristic self-tying shoes will be controlled by iPhone


Kyle Kuzma
Kyle Kuzma's reaction to Nike's self-tying shoes is priceless.
Photo: Nike

Nike just posted a major teaser for the release of its self-lacing shoes set to debut tomorrow and it looks like the iPhone will play a major role with the new sneakers.

The teaser video Nike put out today shows some popular basketball players trying on the new shoes. Nike appears to have created an iPhone app that lets you adjust the laces without touching your feet. Even though the shoes can’t be seen in the video, it’ll certainly get you hyped for the future of basketball shoes.

Watch some of the NBA’s stars get wowed:

Nike will unveil the self-tying shoes at an event tomorrow. Rumors have claimed the price will be around $350. That’s pretty pricey for a fancy pair of sneakers, but it’s a huge price drop from the $720 HyperAdapt shoes Nike came out with in 2016. Those shoes didn’t have any wireless connectivity either.