Lume Cube Air VC brings pro lighting to FaceTime calls


Lume cube
Lume Cube Air VC packs a ton of lumens in a small package.
Photo: Lume Cube

CES 2019 bug Lume Cube, makers of some of the world’s brightest tiny lights, wants to put an end to poorly-lit FaceTime calls with its clever new lighting attachment.

The Lume Cube Air VC lighting kit made its debut at CES 2019 today, offering smartphone and laptop users a single solution to brighten up any setting where you might want to have a quick video call.

Perfect for FaceTime, Skype, Instagram Live or Twitch the Lume Cube Air VC uses a suction cup mount to attach a lighting rig to the front of your device. There’s a diffuser on the front to prevent scenes from getting too washed out. You can swap out the white diffuser for a warm diffuser, or use the Lume Cube without it.

Content creators on the go and FaceTime lovers will probably get the most out of the tiny rig. Weighing only 2 ounces, the Lume Cube Air can provide 2.5 hours of light at 50% brightness or 30-45 minutes of light at full blast. You can also use it while it’s charging via micro-USB.

Lume Cube also has an app for the Air that lets you change brightness levels, light mode, strobe speeds, check battery levels and more. You can grab the new lighting kit starting today for $79.95.