Gaze Tray charges iPhone, Apple Watch and Air Pods in style

Colorful tray charges iPhone, Apple Watch and Air Pods in style


Gaze Tray
It looks decorative, but it does the heavy lifting when it comes to charging all of your devices.
Photo: Gaze Lab

CES 2019 bugA tray is a stylish way to serve coffee or tea. Now there’s one able to charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods at the same time.

Gaze Lab didn’t neglect style as it set out to create the Gaze Tray, a one-stop charging solution that looks good on any table or dresser. It also lends space to jewelry or the items you take out of your pockets at the end of a long day.

With offices in Seoul and San Francisco, Gaze Lab is showing off its catch-all charging tray at CES in Las Vegas this week as it raises productions funds on Indiegogo.

While many products ideas fail to make it to market, Gaze Lab has a record of success with its products starting on crowd-funding sites, including with the Gaze Desk, a standing desk.

Gaze Tray will juice five devices

There are a number of wireless charging solutions available for Apple’s mobile devices, but the Gaze Tray is made with an element of whimsy. It looks very much like a food tray with dedicated spaces for meat, vegetables, and dessert.

While looking fun, it is able to charge up to five devices at once.

The iPhone has a Qi charging platform on the left side of the tray next to a centered magnetic charger for an Apple Watch. The lower right corner is a small cutout space with a charging case for AirPods that is free with every tray. There are also two USB ports for wired charging options.

Gaze Tray
The Gaze Tray is expected to ship in March.
Photo: Gaze Lab

Gaze Tray also comes in a variety of surprise colors and finishes.

The tray is available in black, Navy blue, gray and sepia with a faux leather finish. Another tray finished with a rubber-coated plastic comes in white, blush pink, forest green, and dark blue. There is also a gold-plastic tray for a bit of bling.

Indiegogo backers can order a Gaze Tray for $59, which is half off of the eventual retail price. Gaze Lab expects to ship trays beginning in March.