Retailer Launches “Living Facebook” Concept with iPads


Atelier Lole in Montreal with the iPad community station and media wall.
Atelier Lole in Montreal with the iPad community station and social media wall.

Women’s activewear retailer Lole launched a new store design concept with 15 iPads they hope will connect customers and make the store more sticky.

The new concept store called Atelier Lole opened doors recently in one of Montreal’s main shopping drags, St. Denis Street. One of the main portions of the store is set aside for community, with tree stump stools and iPads on a low workbench opposite a wall featuring customer’s travelogue pics.

Described as kind of a “living Facebook,” through an app developed especially for the stores users can also “flip” through photos directly on the iPads located along the Atelier’s social wall.

A close-up of the "living Facebook" wall.

The idea, as per the press release,  is that while shopping customers also “share special moments: a travel experience, bike ride with friends, etc. Through this application, Lole will also be able to determine “zones” on the planet from which the photos can be sent in real time on the Montreal Atelier’s iPads.”

This is the first store of a 20 retail outlets Canadian retailer Lole has planned for North America and further afield in the next five years.

While the idea sounds good, I do wonder how many people (maybe just bored kids and husbands?) are going to sit down and play with other people’s travel pics.

What do you think?