Apple’s humpbacked Smart Case is coming for iPhone XS and XS Max


Smart case
The design of Apple's original Smart Case was heavily criticized.
Photo: Apple

The much-maligned Smart Battery case for the iPhone looks like it will be making a return — only this time for the iPhone XS and XS Max.

In leaked images found in a merchandise guide for Apple retailers, the distinctive “hump” found in the Smart Battery cases can be clearly seen. The document is titled “Fall 2018,” suggesting that the cases may be available in the next few weeks, although there’s a chance they will only appear in early 2019.

Smart case
A look at the new iPhone case.
Photo: Appleosophy

The Smart Battery case, complete with Quasimodo-style hump, was considered an iPhone eyesore when it first appeared back in late 2015.

As its name suggests, the case gives you an extra iPhone battery, thereby extending the life of your iPhone before it needs to be charged. While it was criticized for its ungainly design, it does serve a good purpose — and some users profess to loving it.

The new Smart Battery case can be seen only in a low-resolution image, making it hard to gauge its exact dimensions or design changes. However, it appears that the biggest major change is that it the “hump” has been shifted down slightly to make room for the larger vertical rear camera lens setup. Apple is also producing the case for its larger XS Max handset.

Will you be buying this case? How have you found the battery life on the iPhone XS and XS Max? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Appleosophy