Amazing Google Lens gives you a new way to search on iPhone


Google Lens iPhone
Grab Google Lens on iPhone today.
Photo: Google

Google’s amazing Lens technology has finally landed on iPhone, more than a year after making its debut on Android.

You can use it inside the Google app to identify objects in the real world. It’s also capable of scanning barcodes, recognizing contact information, and more.

Lens has been slow to rollout since it was announced at Google I/O last October; it’s not just iPhone users who have endured a lengthy wait. Technically, you were able to enjoy the technology on iOS before now, but only inside the Google Photos app.

Now it can do more than just pick out objects in your images if you’re an iPhone user.

Lens comes to the Google search app

The latest update to the Google app lets you use Lens to search the web like never before. Simply point your iPhone’s camera at objects, products, animals, and more, and Lens will find them on the web.

For instance, you can use Lens to find reviews of a local restaurant simply by pointing it at the location itself. Or, you might use it to identify the breed of a dog without having to type a single word.

Download the latest Google app to start enjoying Lens today.