Apple teams up with French school to teach Swift coding


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Apple is spreading its Swift curriculum around the world.
Photo: Apple

Apple is teaming up with a French digital vocational school Simplon to teach Swift coding to learners. Swift is the language used for developing iOS apps.

“Proud to announce our new training program in partnership with France’s [Simplon], teaching the basics of coding with Swift,” Tim Cook wrote in a tweet. “Learning to code unlocks a world of creativity and potential.”

According to Simplon’s website, its mission is to, “offer to underprivileged people free and intensive digital trainings to help them find a job in the digital sector, while adapting our activities to local job markets.”

The program will be offered initially in a month-long program in Paris and Lyon. Later on, it will expand to elsewhere in France, with 1,600 people expected to be reached within the first two years. In addition, Apple will provide teachers with training, funding, and access to the Apple devices required by students.

The swift rise of Swift

Swift was launched in 2014, and has rapidly become a popular coding language. At the start of this year, it reportedly entered the top 10 programming languages as indicated on GitHub and Stack Overflow.

To promote Swift, Apple has introduced its “Everyone Can Code” initiative, which provides a syllabus for people learning the coding language. In addition to the U.S., this program has spread internationally — including to France. It’s not clear whether some of that curriculum will form the basis of the new Simplon course.

For Apple, spreading awareness of Swift is a win-win. It’s a positive initiative which fulfills the company’s desire to, in Tim Cook’s words, a “force for good” in the world. At the same time, it means that more potential coders enter app development on iOS, which ultimately rakes in more cash for Apple.