Jimmy Kimmel turns Trump’s nationwide text into a Hollywood blockbuster


Trump text
Trump's texts cause nationwide mayhem in Kimmel's hilarious video.
Photo: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Giving Donald Trump the power to send a text to every person in the U.S. is a horrible idea, but as Jimmy Kimmel has shown, it could make for a great movie.

Everyone was talking about the first-ever nationwide Presidential alert. Thankfully, it wasn’t nearly as bad as Trump’s tweets. However, during Jimmy Kimmel’s show last night, the late night comedian showed what type of mayhem could ensue if Trump could text whatever he wanted. From cops shooting their iPhones to a man chopping his arm off to get away from Apple Watch alerts, the entire movie concept is truly phenomenal.

Watch the craziness unfold:

The Presidental alert everyone received yesterday wasn’t actually composed or sent by Trump. It was sent by FEMA to test its new nationwide alert system.

If you’ve ever received an Amber alert on your phone, it looked very similar and didn’t come through as a text message. Hopefully, Trump will never get the power to send everyone whatever messages he wants though.