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Just Mobile UpStand the Perfect Perch for your iPad [Review]


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The Just Mobile UpStand iPad stand is simply perfect. The form factor the stand assumes and the material it is made of coupled with how much it weighs makes it the perfect place to perch my iPad on. The stand sits just right upon my desk and holds my iPad horizontally or vertically leaving complete access to all buttons, switches, and ports — especially the docking connector.

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The UpStand is precisely engineered and crafted from high-grade aluminum so it matches my Apple keyboard, etc. It comes pre-assembled and it is solidly constructed with a wide round base. The portion of the stand that holds the iPad is coated in strategic locations with a non-slip rubber lining that prevents it from slipping out of the UpStand or getting scratched. The base is also non-slip so that the UpStand and the iPad don’t fall over or off of the desk easily.

I highly recommend the Just Mobile’s UpStand iPad stand for anyone that is interested in quality and good design. It is definitely useful for typing, browsing, watching video, or really any activity that I can think of on my iPad.

The Just Mobile Upstand is the perfect perch for your iPad to sit on while on your desk.
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Company: Just Mobile
Compatibility: Apple iPad Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi+3G
List Price: $49.99
Buy Now: The UpStand is available from Amazon for $36.83.