Former Epic employee sued for spilling Fortnite secrets


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Photo: Epic Games

Epic Games is suing a former employee for spilling Fortnite secrets.

Thomas Hannah is alleged to have broken his non-disclosure agreement by leaking details of season four’s meteor story. The news surfaced last month, just days before Epic rolled out its big content update.

When a comet randomly appeared in the sky above the Battle Royale map towards the end of season three, players knew Epic had something spectacular up its sleeve. Subsequent updates that made the comet larger and added new hints at what was to come only fueled fan speculation.

But the teasers never gave much away. Epic wanted the details of season four to remain a surprise until its official arrival — and that’s almost what happened. Almost.

Fortnite season four details spill early

Days before a big content update would reveal Epic’s plans for season four, all the details were spilled online by a guy named Adam DiMarco.

Under the username “internetadam,” DiMarco confirmed that a meteor would hit what was then Dusty Depot — not Tilted Towers as earlier rumors had predicted — and that the season’s theme would be heroes versus villains.

Now Epic claims that Hannah provided DiMarco with those details, breaking his NDA and misappropriating company secrets. Hannah was hired by Epic last December as a quality assurance tester, which would have given him access to private information shared in confidential meetings.

DiMarco’s now-deleted post came three weeks after Hannah left his job at Epic.

Hannah acknowledges breaking his agreement, but also argues that he had no control over what DiMarco posted. He says, according to IGN, that the leak was “a mixture of confirmed information and DiMarco’s own inputs and guesses.”

Source: Epic