Snapchat introduces six-second ads that users can’t skip


Snapchat ads
Hate being forced to watch ads? You're probably not going to be too happy.
Photo: Snapchat

Snapchat has started rolling out unskippable ads, promoting everything from the new Deadpool movie to Snapple and Samsung’s Galaxy S9 handset.

These six-second ads currently appear only in the professionally produced Shows found in Snapchat’s “Discover” section. Introducing unskippable ads marks a change in the company’s advertising strategy. Previously, Snapchat allowed users to skip commercials, although this proved to be unsustainable from a business perspective.

The ads do not link to longer videos or e-commerce experiences. However, by making them unavoidable for users who want to watch Shows, Snapchat hopes that they will prove more appealing to potential advertisers. According to AdAge, “Snapchat’s media partners are able to sell their own ads, but most ads are bought through Snapchat’s automated ad platform.”

Snapchat isn’t the only social media company to upscale its focus on ads. Recently, Facebook began showing pre-roll video ads before content, despite CEO Mark Zuckerberg previously banning them for years.

Snapchat’s wants to up its game

This isn’t the only change Snapchat has made as of late. In 2017, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel announced a redesign after Snap fell short of expected growth projections for the quarter.

However, this redesign proved immensely polarizing. A petition concerning the update attracted more than 1.2 million signatures from disgruntled users. Snapchat’s value then fell by $1.3 billion after reality TV star Kylie Jenner Tweeted about her disapproval of the app, saying “Sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore?” Earlier this month, Snapchat apparently caved in to demands to reinstate parts of the old Snapchat user interface with a new update.

In a further attempt to add some advertising dollars to its revenue streams, Snapchat is also increasingly focusing on AR filters. Late last year, Snapchat opened up its popular 3D World Lenses to advertisers.