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Carriers are already discounting Samsung’s Galaxy S9


Galaxy S9
The Galaxy S9 is one of the year's top handsets.
Photo: Samsung

The iPhone X is far from the only flagship handset to have reportedly suffered disappointing sales. Samsung’s Galaxy S9 may also be proving to be something of a disappointment, according to multiple reports.

One piece of evidence suggesting that this is the case? The fact that Verizon is already offering a buy one, get one free offer on Galaxy S9 handsets, while AT&T is giving customers a reduction of $595 off the price of handsets. That’s not something that’s typically offered for brand new iPhones!

Not the smash hit Samsung had hoped for

It’s worth noting that, in the case of the Verizon deal, it’s not an up-front cash gift that receive. You’ll receive your “free” handset as monthly credits over 24 months, but it still amounts to a good deal — if you’re in the market for a Galaxy S9 that is!

These two offers aren’t the only indication that the Galaxy S9 may not be quite the smash hit Samsung could have been hoping for, either. Analysts at BayStreet Research previously reported that S9 preorders were down 35 to 40 percent next to preorders for last year’s Samsung Galaxy S8. As a result, the company thinks overall sales will be down an estimated 20 percent.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 (or its larger S9+ sibling) isn’t a bad phone by any means. As my colleague Killian Bell wrote in his head-to-head comparison between the S9 and iPhone X, “Samsung continues to impress with some of the best Android-powered smartphones money can buy.”

However, add in the fact that the iPhone X has now adopted features like the edge-to-edge display that made the Galaxy S8 special, plus users seemingly slowing down on their mobile upgrade cycle, and it’s not hard to see why Samsung would falter.

Source: Fierce Wireless