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Just 5 U.S. companies beat Apple at hiring game


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LinkedIn based its observations on data from its 546 million+ users around the world.
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According to LinkedIn, Apple is the sixth most sought-after employer among jobseekers (or potential jobseekers) in the United States.

That’s pretty darn good, but it still leaves six companies people would rather work for. All tech giants, these include Amazon (in first place), Alphabet, Facebook, Salesforce and Tesla. The numbers are based on data from LinkedIn users across the U.S.

It is ranked on a number of different metrics, such as job demand, retention of hires, and how often jobseekers and non-employees visit the company’s page and that of its employees. In its methodology, LinkedIn writes that it used this data — plus “editorial expertise” to create a blended score for the final ranking.

Writing about Apple, LinkedIn notes that:

“Every launch provides new opportunities for fans and competitors to question whether the world’s most valuable brand can keep up the magic. Last year’s $1,000 iPhone X won accolades for its TrueDepth camera but also prompted questions about its price. To better compete with rivals, Apple has been expanding its engineering and IT headcount, which are up 8% and 4% in 2017, respectively, according to LinkedIn data.”

It lists Apple’s global headcount at 123,000 people. In terms of perks, LinkedIn writes that Apple employees receive a 25 percent discount on the company’s devices, moms get 18 weeks of paid maternity leave (compared to six weeks for dads), and that Apple will even pay to freeze your eggs if you’re looking to defer parenthood.

The race to be the best

LinkedIn’s list suggests that common strands among its top ranking companies include commitment to diversity, better healthcare for employees, and more. Silicon Valley companies have long been known for their lavish perks, such as free luxury cafeterias and indoor rock climbing walls.

Increasingly, however, it seems that the “perks” employees are looking for are more about working on exciting projects, and innovative ways to stretch themselves — such as companies which allow employees to spend one day a week trying out a new role in the business.

While the size and success of a company isn’t everything when it comes to good employers, right now Amazon and Apple are battling it out to become the world’s first $1 trillion company. If they stick with their current trajectories, both will pass the historic threshold this summer — with Amazon one week ahead of Apple.