WhatsApp’s latest update brings CarPlay support


WhatsApp CarPlay
WhatsApp behind the wheel.
Photo: iCulture

WhatsApp has become the first major messaging platform to add CarPlay support. Users can have their WhatsApp conversations read to them, dictate replies, and more without taking their hands off the wheel.

WhatsApp still doesn’t have an Apple Watch app yet, which means you have to pull your iPhone out of your pocket to reply to a message. That’s illegal when you’re driving, so CarPlay support is here to help.

WhatsApp comes to CarPlay

Using Siri, you can have your WhatsApp messages read to you while you’re on the road, and dictate replies without having to touch your iPhone.

The WhatsApp icon on your CarPlay display lets you see how many unread messages you have at a glance, and notification banners will appear when new ones arrive.

To get WhatsApp on CarPlay, simply update to the latest version of the app on your iPhone. When your device is next connected to CarPlay, WhatsApp will appear on your Home screen.

WhatsApp can do almost everything Apple’s own Messages app can do in CarPlay; the only thing that’s missing is the ability to scroll through a list of conversations.

Via: iCulture