Smuggling cocaine in an iPhone box leads to death sentence

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Apple doesn't have anything on the packaging for these products.
Smuggling cocaine in an iPhone box in the UAE is a bad idea.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

If you’re gonna smuggle cocaine, don’t use iPhone boxes.

The United Arab Emirates have sentenced a man to death after he was recently caught in Abu Dhabi the country with iPhone boxes stuffed to the brim with blow.

Video of the iPhone boxes of cocaine leaked online a few weeks ago. You can see in the video above as customs agents cut through the plastic wrapping and open the boxes to find the bags of coke.

When he was apprehended the man said he was carrying the boxes for a friend. Authorities believed he was being used by a friend to carry them through security and hand them off at a drop off point. He still got the death penalty regardless.

The confiscated iPhone 6s boxes weighed a kilo. Normal iPhone 6s boxes weigh less than half a kilo.