iPhone X Silicone Case and Apple Watch Sport band available in new colors


One of Apple's new color options.
Photo: Apple

With the always lucrative holiday season approaching, Apple has released some new color options for both its iPhone X Silicone Case and Apple Watch Sport Band.

The $39 iPhone X Silicone Case is now available in a yellow “Flash” color option, a “Spicy Orange” color, and “Cosmos Blue.” The colours have previously been available in other Apple products, including various Apple Watch straps and, in the case of Cosmos Blue, the iPhone X’s leather cases.

The Apple Watch Sports Band also debuted a new trio of colors. These include the same Flash yellow as the iPhone X Silicone Case, a new Dark Teal color, and the Spicy Orange Sport Band, previously a color exclusive to the Apple Watch Hermès. The new bands are available for $49.

The varied bright colors of both the Sport strap and Silicone cases will, Apple no doubt hopes, continue to appeal to younger, more sporty, and fashion-conscious customers — a bit like the bright colors of the old iPhone 5c back in 2013.

The new options are available to order online at the Apple Store, or should be available in many brick and mortar Apple Stores around the world.

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