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Apple hypes good iPhone X reviews


Apple is clearly hoping for big things with the iPhone X.
Photo: Apple

Apple is following an unorthodox word-of-mouth marketing campaign for the iPhone X, and that has continued with a new press release issued by Apple — showing off the best review soundbites from the first reviews for its next-gen handset.

The press release is accompanied by a movie-style poster with quotes from outlets such as Mashable, TechCrunch, and others.

The quotes Apple has singled out include the following, among others:

“Apple’s iPhone X is the beginning of something new. Everything the iPhone X is serves as a roadmap for future iPhones.” (Mashable)

“Face ID worked as promised: with sunglasses, without sunglasses, with my hair up, with it down, at night in the dark, or during the day.” (BuzzFeed.)

“The OLED display is insanely good. The contrast is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. And the edge to edge / bezel arrangement is stunning. It somehow further humanizes the device. I feel like I’m holding my photos and videos…not a device on which to view them.” (Creative Live Blog).

“Face ID is secure, fast, reliable and very easy to use. But even if it is Halloween, you’ll be headed for trouble if you go trying to clone yourself.” (The Wall Street Journal.)

While analysts have predicted big things for the iPhone X in terms of sales, moves like this suggest that Apple is a little bit nervous about the reception the tenth anniversary iPhone is going to receive.

With some analysts predicting that the iPhone X could be the handset which pushes Apple over the trillion dollar mark, and Apple having reportedly rushed to bring the iPhone X forward to 2017, there’s a lot riding on this smartphone.

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Source: Apple