This leather case is a perfect fit for iPhone X


Your iPhone X deserves a super-slim leather case.
Your iPhone X deserves a super-slim leather case.
Photo: Totallee
  • Colin R. Campbell

    Yeah the only problem is, it’s NOT a leather case. It’s a plastic case, with a thin leather sticker on that back.

    That being said it works as a case, but it’s not really leather.

    • Hey Colin,

      Thanks for leaving a comment.

      We use genuine leather on the backing of this case. The leather piece is attached to the backside of a plastic housing, which helps the case hold its shape.

      This is the best construction method we are aware of that allows us to create a case that is both super thin and also incorporates a leather backing.

      Hope this helps clarify things. We appreciate any suggestions you might have on how we can make our product even better.


      • Colin R. Campbell

        My suggestion is stop telling people it’s a leather case. It’s not. It’s a leather sticker on a plastic case. So all these product titles say leather case. It’s misleading. You make a nice product, the plastic case with a leather sticker is a nice case, you don’t need to try to fool people. Be honest.

  • fllysurfer

    it´s plain ugly on such a nice looking phone…