WhatsApp’s new emojis look a whole lot like Apple’s


Spot the difference.
Photo: Emojipedia

WhatsApp is introducing its own emoji — and, boy, do they look a whole lot like the Apple ones that it previously relied on!

The designs are not out-and-out copies, but they look very similar when the two are not placed side by side. Subtle differences include the fact that WhatsApp’s versions of the images look slightly more cartoonish in design, while incidental changes have been made — such as the switch of the water pistol from being green in color to orange.

The new emojis can be seen in a new beta release of WhatsApp for Android. Since WhatsApp used Apple emojis up until now for its iOS, Android and web versions, it makes sense that WhatsApp would want to use emojis that aren’t going to look too stylistically different to what most of its users are used to.

As noted, this is still a beta version, which means that things could well change for the final version. Nonetheless, for now there’s definitely more than a passing resemblance to Apple’s own emojis.

WhatsApp is the latest company to start using its own custom emojis, after both Facebook and Twitter did the same. Apple’s latest emoji update was shown off at the recent iPhone X keynote event, where Craig Federighi took to the stage to demonstrate Apple’s cartoon animated animojis — complete with animal impressions.

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Source: Emojipedia