Apple may switch up iPhone sizes again next year


iPhone X
Is Apple planning a new iPhone display size for next year?
Photo: Apple

The new iPhone X isn’t even out yet, but already the rumor mill is starting to churn about what Apple plans to offer for next year’s 2018-era iPhone refresh.

The report suggests that Apple is ditching plans to produce an 5.28 inch OLED iPhone, and instead to have its handsets start at 5.85 inches. The three iPhones for next year will therefore reportedly come in screen sizes of 5.85 inches, 6.4 inches, and an unspecified model also in excess of 6 inches.

Where this report diverges from previous reports about next year’s iPhones is by claiming that, rather than embracing OLED displays for all three models, Apple’s new unspecified handset will boast an LCD display. Apple has reportedly already placed panel orders for this device with LCD producer Japan Display.

While the overwhelming interest in Apple’s OLED iPhone X, and the comparative lack of interest in the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, may suggest that Apple will want to ditch LCD displays as soon as possible, the idea that Apple will continue making LCD handsets next year has been mentioned before. A report from March states that we would have to wait until 2019 before all of Apple’s latest handsets used OLED technology, although this has been disputed.

There seems no doubt that the trend is currently toward smartphones with bigger displays. With that said, it would certainly be a departure for Apple to entirely ditch the 4-inch form factor that it has used for years — and which Steve Jobs once suggested was the ideal size for an iPhone.

What’s the biggest size iPhone you would be interested in buying? Do you think Apple would be right to ditch smaller size flagship devices? Leave your comments below.



  • Richard Hallas

    I’d like an iPhone X-style phone in the current Plus-sized case; i.e. same physical size as recent years’ Plus iPhones, but with an edge-to-edge (and hence even bigger) iPhone X-style display. That’d be optimal for me, in terms of giving me the largest possible size of display in a phone that’s the size I personally prefer.

    The big phone size works well for me, as a person with large hands and relatively poor eyesight. But I think it would be a mistake to ditch the small sizes completely, as some people really prefer those.

    • SBacklin

      This is my exact thought as well.

  • Chad Whitley

    None of it will really matter to me if the price tag keeps going up.

  • Yup, and it’ll be called “iPhone Pro” alongside smaller size iPhone simply called “iPhone”

  • Hitesh Kapoor

    I like to operate my iPhone using single hand, SE suits me the best, size, features, stability, power all in one. I hope Apple retains size of SE.

  • blady11

    I straight up hate “the notch” and I don’t like curved corners. No support for 600 MHz (LTE band 71). Definitely no upgrade for me this year.