Tiny drone brings thrill-inducing racing to the masses


Mambo FPV
Mambo can be flown indoors or outside.
Photo: Parrot

FPV drone racing has been an arena reserved for uber-nerds that build their own racers the past few years, but that could soon change thanks to Parrot’s newest mini-drone.

The company unveiled its tiny creation, the Mambo FPV, this week which makes flying a breeze whether you’re a total beginner or have been slicing through the skies for years.

Mambo FPV isn’t a drone that’s supposed to be used to capture crazy cinematic shots. Instead, it’s designed as the ultimate fun-to-fly mini-drone that’s cheap, compact and easy to pilot.

Packing a small detachable HD camera with 120° FOV, Mambo FPV can live stream and record video of all your racing pursuits. It comes with a dedicated controller that is more compact than the company’s other options. You can also fly it straight from your iPhone.

Parrot is also throwing in a pair of Cockpitglasses 2 so you can immerse yourself in the flying experience. Just slide your iPhone into the case and you’ll get a first-person view of all the action.

The Mambo FPV drone costs $179 and is designed to fly indoors or outside. It comes propellor guards so you don’t wreck while learning to fly. Units should be available starting later this month.