Apple will use another novel pairing method for HomePod


Phil Schiller gives the world a sneak peek at the HomePod during WWDC 2017.
This is how you'll pair HomePod with your iPhone.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s HomePod smart speaker will pair with other devices by generating a special tone that can be detected by your iPhone or iPad.

The tidbit was discovered by developer Guilherme Rambo over the weekend, hidden in Apple’s latest iOS 11 beta release.

Apple has focused on ease of use when it comes to the pairing of its devices. For the Apple Watch, Apple uses technology which allows users to recognize it by using the camera on their iPhone. Should this fail, users can manually carry out the configuration process. It’s likely that something similar will take place with the HomePod, so that users can select from multiple ways of pairing the devices.

Here’s how you’ll pair your HomePod. Or not, as this picture suggests.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s smart speaker competitor

Apple’s HomePod smart speaker was first announced at WWDC back in June. Scheduled to start shipping in December, the $349 wireless speaker is designed to work seamlessly with Apple Music. Compared to the Amazon Echo and Google Home, HomePod will reportedly possess superior audio capabilities — courtesy of a seven-tweeter array and a 4-inch woofer. It will also boast “spatial awareness” capability will let the smart speaker “read” its environment, then sculpt the audio to deliver the best possible sound.

As someone who is a big fan of smart speakers, I’m excited to see what Apple can do. With that said, given that Siri lags behind the competition in terms of usability, Apple’s got its work cut out for it in delivering something special.

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