Barclays analyst thinks big winner of iPhone 8 will be… Samsung?


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High price may put a lot of people off the new iPhone, analyst claims.
Photo: Ben Miller

The iPhone 8 is set to be Apple’s most exciting handset refresh since 2014’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but not everyone is tripping over themselves to lavish praise on Apple before the phone event makes its debut.

Case in point is Barclays Mark Moskowitz who, in a note to clients, claims the big winner from this year’s iPhone 8 is going to be… Samsung?

High-end phone, high-end price

No, Moskowitz isn’t talking about Apple’s very real impact on Samsung’s bottom line, due to the various component orders it’s placed to help it build the iPhone 8.

Instead, he thinks that Samsung will actually carve out more of the premium smartphone market this year in part due to the fact that Apple’s iPhone 8 may well cost $1,000.

Based on Moskowitz’s research, only 18 percent of possible iPhone buyers are likely to spend $1,000+ on their new phone. That’s a little over half what many analysts are expecting. (He doesn’t seem to account for the fact that Apple will release more affordable iPhone 7s and 7s Plus handsets as well, however.)

“For Apple, we are concerned that the company needs to meet momentous investor expectations following the expected launch of three new iPhone devices in September. This could be made more challenging when considering that only 18% of potential iPhone buyers are willing to spend $1,000+ for a new device (Wireless Subscriber Survey; 08/09/17), which is below the 30-35% figure investors seem to be expecting.”

Moskowitz also seems impressed by Samsung’s new Note 8 phone, which he thinks is a return to form after last year’s major misfire.

In all, Barclays has lowered its AAPL target price 9 price to $146. Apple may be set to announce the new iPhone on September 12.

Via: 9to5Mac