Apple Watch Series 3 will bring big boost for one supplier

Apple Watch Series 3 will bring big boost for one supplier


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Apple Watch Series 3 needs to be special.
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One Apple supplier is expected to enjoy a significant boost from Apple Watch Series 3.

Quanta Computer is likely to see strong revenues during the second half of 2017 ahead of an Apple Watch refresh this fall — despite the addition of Compal Electronics, another manufacturer, being added to the supply chain.

Quanta is already riding high thanks to increased notebook demand and growing server sales, according to reports out of Asia. Notebook shipments grew every month during the second quarter, and the trend is expected to continue.

Couple that with new orders for Apple Watch Series 3, which is expected to make its debut alongside the iPhone 8 and other new handsets this fall, and Quanta couldn’t be busier.

“Apple is reportedly planning to launch its third-generation Apple Watch in 2017 and the wearable is likely to help Quanta’s Apple Watch product line turn profitable,” reports DigitimesThat’s despite the fact that Apple has added another manufacturer to its team.

Compal will also begin manufacturing Apple Watches, according to sources speaking to Economic Daily News — but it is believed that the company will focus on older models, rather than the Series 3 upgrade.

It’s not yet clear if Apple will continue to offer Series 1 models after Apple Watch Series 3 goes on sale. Aside from an improved processor, it’s basically the same as the original model. It’s likely Series 2 will stick around as the more affordable alternative to the latest model.