The Walking Dead: March to War for iOS gets zombie-licious teaser trailer


This game adds some multiplayer strategy to your survival horror.
Photo: Disruptor Beam

If you’re a fan of zombies with your mobile gaming, you may want to check out the first gameplay trailer for the upcoming iOS and Android game The Walking Dead: March to War.

A sprawling multiplayer strategy game set in the ruins of zombie-ridden Washington D.C., it looks a whole lot of fun. If the developers’ previous game Game of Thrones Ascent is anything to go by, it should certainly live up to its promise, too! Watch the trailer below.

The Walking Dead: March to War takes the form of a strategy multiplayer game, that’s based based on the comic version of Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead, rather than the TV franchise adapted from it.

As the player, you must build zombie-proof bases on a shared map of ruined Washington, that’s also inhabited by other gamers. It’s up to you to recruit and train survivors to join your cause of, well, surviving; to seek the council of a character like Rick, Negan, Michonne, or Carl to help you gather resources; and then carry out missions in order to live.

Along the way, you’ll forge alliances with some players and attack others — all the while enjoying the impressive graphics inspired by the look and feel of the graphic novel.

The game already soft-launched in the Philippines, but should be making its way to the rest of us sometime this summer. Color us tentatively excited. If it can live up to its intriguing premise, this could be one to savor.

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