iOS 11 can automatically delete apps you don’t use


Forgotten apps will be booted to free up storage.
Forgotten apps will be booted to free up storage.
Photo: iDownloadBlog

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have a bunch of apps installed on your iPhone, taking up precious storage space, that you never use anymore. When iOS 11 drops this fall, you’ll have the option to get those apps uninstalled automatically.

There are a whole bunch of awesome features in iOS 11 that didn’t get a mention during Apple’s WWDC keynote on Monday. One of them will help you cut down on wasted storage by automatically removing all the apps you don’t use.

The featured is called Offload Unused Apps. It’s disabled by default after upgrading to iOS 11, according to iDownloadBlog, but you can enable it within the iTunes & App Stores section of the Settings app.

“This will automatically remove unused apps, but keep its documents and data,” Apple explains. “Reinstalling the app will place back your data, if the app is still available from the App Store.”

It’s not yet clear how long an app has to go unopened before iOS 11 decides it’s time to remove it, but this feature is ideal for those who install a bunch of apps, try them out a couple of times, and then forget all about them.

iOS 11 is now available to developers as a beta, while the rest of us will get our hands on it this fall.