Records confirm Apple is fighting the ‘right to repair’ bill


Apple doesn't want users to perform repairs themselves.
Photo: Faris Algosaibi/Flickr CC

New York state records show that Apple has been lobbying hard against the Fair Repair Act, a bill that would force companies to sell replacement parts to customers.

Apple isn’t the only company opposed to the bill. According to New York State’s Joint Commission on Public Ethics, others include Verizon, Toyota, printer company Lexmark, heavy machinery marker Caterpillar, phone insurance company Asurion, medical device company Medtronic, and the Consumer Technology Association are also fighting against it.

Apple is among the companies fighting the bill.
Photo: Motherboard

Between January and April, the above companies and organizations shelled out $366,634 ton their efforts. Apple meanwhile pays the lobbying firm Roffe Group $9,000 per month for its services. By comparison, the Digital Right to Repair Coalition — a smaller group made up of independent repair shops — has spent just $5,042 lobbying in favor of the bill.

Previously, Apple delegates have opposed the so-called “right to repair” bill in Nebraska, saying that giving users and third-party repairers access to its components and service manuals would make Nebraska would become a “Mecca for bad actors.”

Under Tim Cook’s leadership, Apple’s lobbying efforts have doubled.

Source: Motherboard

  • Barry Marshall

    They want more money out you fools to buy new crap that will break and you can’t fix and the ball rolls along and gathers no moss.

    • Jim

      That’s childish. Maybe it’s more about public safety and protecting product reputation from when amateurs try to fix their phone and then later it explodes because they punctured the battery or something?

      • Barry Marshall

        Don’t think so. Money breeds money.

  • SomeGuy

    Jeez. Nobody understands how the market is supposed to work anymore. Gone are the days you purchased goods and services from companies you had a good history with. No you just regulate them to force them to be how you want them to be…. and then still bitch that they’re not good enough.