New photos claim to reveal final design of ‘real iPhone 8’


Is this what the iPhone 8 will look like?
Is this what the iPhone 8 will look like?
Photo: BGR

The internet has become awash with apparent iPhone 8 schematics and fan-made mockups in recent months, but these images claim to reveal the final design of a real device in all its glory.

The design looks familiar, proving previous leaks were right on the money, with glass panels flanking the front and back of the device, a redesigned iSight camera module, and a shiny metal frame that holds everything together.

At first glance, this iPhone looks just like its predecessors — but there are some glaring differences that signal big changes are coming to celebrate the handset’s tenth anniversary this year.

The same 2.5D curved glass can be found on the front of this supposed iPhone 8, but its physical Touch ID button is clearly absent. There’s no space for a Home button on the back of the device, either, which suggests Apple will indeed integrate a fingerprint scanner beneath the handset’s display.

Just like iPhone 7 Plus, this device appears to have two rear-facing camera sensors for optical zoom and cool portrait photo effects. But this time around, they’re positioned differently, with one lens above the other rather than by its side.

iPhone 8 final design
Apple appears to have made its power button bigger.
Photo: BGR

A stainless steel frame surrounds the device, keeping everything together and providing structural integrity — and unlike the aluminum unibodies we’re used to today, it is polished for a shiny finish. It incorporates a volume rocker and mute switch on its left side, and a bigger power key on the right.

Apple has previously offered polished surfaces on iPhone, but it moved away from them, presumably because they scratched too easily. It’s unclear whether it will take any steps to make the iPhone 8’s stainless steel frame more robust and less prone to picking up scuffs.

Sadly, this isn’t a functioning iPhone 8, according to BGRso we don’t get to see it powered on. That means it’s hard to tell whether or not the handset has an OLED display, or whether its screen is bigger than that of the iPhone 7 — as many rumors have suggested.

The images certainly look convincing, but it’s important to remember that we don’t have confirmation this device was made by one of Apple’s manufacturing partners. It could simply be a third-party mockup based on recent rumors, rather than confirmation of the iPhone 8’s design.

  • Chris

    Damn. Looks good apart from the camera. The camera won’t look like that, it’ll blend in with the body like it already does on the 7. I really hope Touch ID is under the screen though, or even on the power button as a second resort.

    • DCJ001

      “Damn. Looks good apart from the camera.”

      This camera orientation is different. There is a reason for this change.

      When Apple does things differently, Apple does things better than everyone else.

      • Chris

        Yes. I know. They’ve changed the orientation to save more space.

      • Jase1125

        Um. No. The camera humps on the 6,6s, and 7 are horrible designs and certainly wasn’t better for a reason. It existed only because of an obsession with thinness at the expense of design and battery life.

  • Paul

    That would be the worst camera design since I dont know. The Nokia N95 or so.

    • They cannot blend the camera into the body as they did last time because the body was Aluminum. Now it’s glass which pretty difficult to form that way on top of being waterproof.

      • tanjiajun34

        Not getting you. How is glass the reason? Didn’t LG G6 did a great job with their cameras with a glass back?

  • Frans Albertus Hanekom

    The images clearly shows the lack of a quality built phone. It is most definitely not the final phone. Jony Ive would kill himself if he made such an ugly piece of hardware… The buttons sticks out on the sides and isn’t’ even symmetrical! The entire glass body just seems bulky and the stainless steel on the sides are so outdated! But again, this is just rumours and probably just a mock-up. Can’t wait to see how the real iPhone 8 will look.

    • Jase1125

      Jony released a design that went backwards with the 6/6s/7. Stupid camera hump that was unnecessary other than exclaiming about thinness at the expense of battery life.

  • Chris

    Wow. You’re an idiot. The previous five iPhone’s have been unveiled in September and not at WWDC. The last phone to be shown at WWDC was the iPhone 4. And that’s a fact.

  • Christopher Scott Knell

    The cameras’ positioning suggests that LANDSCAPE will be the way to shoot with this one.