The ultimate MacBook charger, smallest 4G phone and more [Crowdfund Roundup]


All the ports you need.
All the ports you need.
Photo: PowerUp

Crowdfund Roundup bugWith only a single USB-C port to work with, it’s difficult to connect anything other than a charger to your MacBook. That’s why you should treat yourself to PowerUp, a charger with three traditional USB ports built-in that lets you connect all the devices you need.

It’s just one of the awesome ideas in this week’s Crowdfund Roundup. We also have the world’s smallest 4G smartphone, a smart water bottle that will help you stay hydrated, and more!

PowerUp — the MacBook charger that does more

Connecting all of your devices and peripherals to a MacBook or MacBook Pro can be a pain now that you only have USB-C to play with. But not if you have a PowerUp.

PowerUp promises to be the ultimate all-in-one charger for your Apple notebook. It charges your machine as well as three additional devices, and allows you to connect peripherals using a standard USB connection. That means you can plug in your iPhone, your iPad, and a memory stick all while your MacBook is charging without any additional dongles.

You can pre-order your PowerUp now through Indiegogo with a pledge of $79. Shipping is scheduled to begin this July.

Jelly — the smallest 4G smartphone

If even the iPhone SE is too big for you, you need to check out Jelly, the smallest 4G smartphone.

It’s powered by Google’s latest Android 7.0 Nougat operating system with super-fast LTE connectivity, plus up to 2GB of RAM, up to 16GB of storage, and a quad-core processor. It has an 8-megapixel camera on its back, a 2-megapixel camera on its front, and two SIM card slots for juggling multiple number simultaneously.

Jelly has a tiny 2.45-inch touchscreen that’s large enough for simple tasks, yet small enough to take anywhere. It fits inside the tiny pocket on your jeans and just about anywhere else, and lasts up to 7 days on a single charge.

You can claim your Jelly now for just $69 — $40 off the final retail price — by making a pledge through Kickstarter. Shipping is scheduled to begin this August.

AquaGenie — the smart water bottle

Need to drink more water? Let AquaGenie give you the kick up the backside you so desperately require.

AquaGenie is a smart water bottle that connects to your smartphone and helps you monitor your water consumption. It will even tell you to drink more depending on your activity and the weather. It’s drop-resistant, washable, and completely wireless, and it syncs with Fitbit and Apple Health.

AquaGenie will go on sale for $70 when it reaches stores in November, but you can pre-order yours through Kickstarter now with a pledge of $55.

DECCO — the safe toddler monitor

If you have toddlers on the move, you’ll know they can get into anything. Take your eye off them for just a minute and you can be sure they’ll be up to no good. But not if you’re using DECCO.

DECCO is a motion sensor device that hangs on a door handle and alerts you when your little one wanders out of their safe space. It’s simple, reliable, and small enough to take anywhere — and it connects to your smartphone so you’ll never miss an alert.

DECCO will begin shipping in September and you can pre-order yours through Kickstarter today with a pledge of CA$75.

Mu Tag — the tiny loss prevention device

Mu tag promises to be the simplest and smartest way to keep your belongings safe.

It’s a small and discreet electronic tag that can be attached to anything that matters to you. It connects to your smartphone and sends you an alert if you stray too far away from your belongings. Its insanely easy to setup and doesn’t require Bluetooth, and it packs a rechargeable and replaceable battery that lasts up to three months.

Mu tag remembers your safe areas so you won’t receive alerts when you don’t need them, and you can use as many as you want at once. That means you can slap them on your bag, your smartwatch, your wallet, and even your dog.

You can pre-order a single Mu tag for just $19 on Kickstarter, or get packs of two or more starting at $43. Shipping is scheduled to begin in December.