iOS 10.3.2 leaves iPhone 5, iPhone 5c out in the cold


iPhone 5c might not get another iOS update.
iPhone 5c might not get another iOS update.
Photo: Apple

Apple is currently beta testing its latest iOS 10.3.2 update ahead of a public release, but millions of iPhone owners will never see it.

The update only supports devices powered by a 64-bit processor, which means it is not compatible with iPhone 5 or iPhone 5c.

We knew iOS 11 would be dropping support for 32-bits apps this fall, so it looked like it would be the end of the line for 32-bit devices, too. But Apple has taken the unusual step of eliminating support for millions of iPhones midway through iOS 10’s cycle.

iOS 10.3.2 is only a minor update, bringing bug fixes for third-party VPN apps and SiriKit car commands, but Apple has decided older handsets won’t get it. You’ll need an iPhone 5s or above, iPad mini 2 or above, or the sixth-generation iPod touch.

It’s unclear how many iPhone 5c devices are still in use, but Apple sold over 90 million iPhone 5 units, so it’s safe to assume millions of them are still going strong today. If owners wish to update beyond iOS 10.3.1, they’ll need to upgrade their device first.

This is the first time Apple has dropped support for hardware with a minor update, midway through an iOS cycle; normally it’s just major releases that cut out aging devices. Hopefully it won’t become common practice.

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    iOS 10.3.2 beta 2 has full compatibility with iPhone 5, 5C and iPad 4
    Apple released it on Monday

  • strangerindundee

    Apple dropped support for iPhone 3G midway through iOS4’s lifecycle

  • Chris N

    Why are you hopeful it won’t become common practice? Obsoleting old hardware and software is one of the things that distinguishes Apple from its competition–something that I welcome as both a user and a sysadmin. Out with the old, in with the new. People seem to forget that Apple has always been a *luxury* brand. If you can’t afford to keep up, you shouldn’t complain.

  • Colin Smith

    Warning to any iPhone users with limited storage capacity – the trick of trying to download a large app (e.g. Garageband or iMovie) to clear space no longer works wth iOS 10.3. If you have a 8gb or 16gb phone and are always struggling for storage, and want to carry on using this trick, stay on 10.2 because they have closed this loophole (as they did with pretending to rent an HD movie).