iOS 11 might make 200,000 apps obsolete


iPhone 7 in hand
Some of your favorite old games might get booted from iOS.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac
  • Steve__S

    This makes sense on multiple levels. For starters, we’re talking about applications that have effectively been abandoned and not updated for modern standards. If they don’t support 64 bit, they probably also have the old iOS look. These apps are not optimized for performance either. Finally, Apple has to maintain 32bit and 64bit versions of libraries in order to support both types of apps. If you’re running both older and newer apps, then both sets of libraries have to be loaded into memory. This should really streamline efficiency and also serve to force updates to old apps. If they’ve been abandoned they should be pulled from the store just on principle anyway.

  • Andrew Mondt

    This is extremely annoying as some of these abandoned games I still enjoy.

  • Yarrenbool

    This makes sense from Apple’s point of view, I understand this. But what happens to people still using an iPhone 4S which, I think, is 32 bit?

    My main phone is a 6-Plus but I keep my old 4S as a backup, or spare, just in case. I also use my old 4S when traveling and pop a local SIM into it.

    I also know at least three people who have never upgraded their 4S and use them daily.

    I’m guessing that, like iOS on the 4S, apps will simply never get any updates nor will any future apps be built to run on the 4S, right?


      They could upgrade to iPhone 5S

      • Yarrenbool

        Yeah, but I’m sure you know these types, they won’t consider upgrading until their 4Ss totally give up their ghosts! :-)

        With my own 4S it certainly isn’t worth upgrading. I’ll just wait till I upgrade to the “8”, or whatever it will be called, and then my current 6+ will take over from my 4S and become my spare and travelling phone.

      • buzz

        You can stay on iOS10.3 and no problem with 32bit games on your 6+

    • 5723alex .

      No problem as iPhone 4s won’t get iOS 11.