Fifth Avenue Apple store to get Beats 1 broadcasting booth


Beats 1 could soon be broadcasting from an Apple store.
Beats 1 could soon be broadcasting from an Apple store.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s iconic retail store on Fifth Avenue will reopen with a Beats 1 broadcasting booth after being renovated, according to a new report.

The booth could become a new home for Beats 1 DJ Ebro Darden, who currently broadcasts from another location in Manhattan — or it could host occasional musical guests.

It seems interest in Beats 1 has died down somewhat since the station launched in June 2015, but it is still the world’s biggest radio station — and a priority for Apple. The company recently described the station as a shop window for Apple Music, designed to lure in new subscribers.

Other Beats stations are also being planned for the future. According to DJ Zane Lowe, “all those discussions are being had right now… Apple will go and work on things, and they present it when they feel it’s right. That’s the answer. We’re working on it.”

Now AppleInsiderquoting a “reliable and well-placed” source, claims a Beats 1 studio will be integrated into Apple’s flagship Fifth Avenue store as it is renovated. “To what extent Apple will operate Beats 1 out of the store is uncertain.”

It’s thought the booth could become a new home for Darden, who currently hosts his show from a studio on West 27th St. However, the presence of the public could be an issue — especially when high-profile guests are invited onto the show.

Alternatively, the studio could host occasional musical guests for interviews and live performances. Apple has previously used this store, and other flagship locations, for similar events.

Apple started renovating its Fifth Avenue store back in January. Its plan is to more than double the location’s footprint to 77,000 square feet to better cope with the sheer number of visitors the store attracts.