iPad mini 4 gets 128GB of storage, still a total ripoff


Is it time to say goodbye to Apple's most portable tablet?
Is it time to say goodbye to Apple's most portable tablet?
Photo: Buster Hein/Cult of Mac

Apple quietly updated the iPad mini 4 today, making 128GB of storage available as standard. It’s a significant upgrade over the 32GB of storage previously offered, but at $399, it’s a total ripoff.

Aside from the storage bump, the iPad mini 4 hasn’t changed one bit. You still get the same A8 chip that originally made its debut inside the iPhone 6 in 2014, the same 2048-by-1536 display, and an aging 8-megapixel iSight camera.

It’s certainly a nice storage bump, and without a price increase, it seems like a good deal. Until you consider that the new 9.7-inch iPad, which offers a bigger and sharper display and a faster A9 chip, makes it a total ripoff.

The new iPad starts at just $329 — $70 cheaper than the iPad mini 4. Admittedly, you only get 32GB of storage for that, but even the 128GB model is just $30 more than the iPad mini. It makes us wonder why the iPad mini is still available at all.

If you buy one (it’s available to order today), you’re wasting your money. If you really must have that smaller screen for whatever reason, do yourself a favor and look for a used model in good condition, which will cost you a lot less.

  • Will Maitner

    Except that the screen on the mini 4 is WAY better than this new iPad, and since the screen is the most important part of an ipad….

  • jerseylova

    Doesn’t make any sense why this doesn’t have an A9 Processor. Apple is ripping us off and laughing about it!

    • xX_JMO_Xx

      A rip off? Really? You are told up front what the specs are. You can choose to buy it or not.

      Don’t get me wrong, I think it is stupid that they didn’t modernize the specs. But on the same token, the tablet market has probably reached saturation. We can only speculate as to why they only bumped the storage, especially when in previous years the iPads would get a complete refresh in March.

      Apple has been painfully slow lately about refreshing their lineup. Hopefully this means they are performing significant R&D into next generation devices. I doubt there is pent up demand for iPads, but the hardware refresh of their Mac lineup is certainly frustrating.

      • ligerzero459

        He’s got a good point, actually. The average person is going to see that the Mini 4 is one of the newest, assume it’s actually different and more powerful than the Mini 3 and go for it.

        Should the take a look at the specs and educate themselves? Probably. But the average person is so tech-illiterate that they don’t know the difference, and Apple is working with that.

  • Strangevista

    It’s about size, so totally not a Fail.