Boomgate? Let’s hope Apple didn’t copy Samsung’s hottest feature


Is any smartphone safe anymore?
Photo: Kroopthesnoop/Reddit

I often encourage Apple to steal certain features from Samsung’s smartphones, like its super-sharp Quad HD displays and wireless charging. One thing I didn’t want it to rip off is the Galaxy Note 7’s tendency to explode.

According to one unlucky Reddit user, whose brand new iPhone 7 is now a charred piece of aluminum and shattered glass, that’s exactly what just happened.

The photo above, posted by Kroopthesnoop with the caption, “at least the package didn’t catch on fire,” shows a matte black iPhone 7 that apparently exploded during transit. “Something happened between the factory and delivery,” the user adds.

This is obviously a freak incident (if true), and totally unlike the mass battery fault, which recently forced Samsung to recall every single Galaxy Note 7 it had sold during the first few weeks availability (2.5 million, to be more precise).

Also unlike the Note 7, which typically blew up while it was on charge, this iPhone 7 was apparently still sealed in its box when the explosion took place.

Nevertheless, it’s still a concern, and Apple will likely be looking into it. The company hasn’t commented on it publicly — and it’s unlikely it will since the issue isn’t widespread — but we’re hoping Kroopthesnoop gets a new iPhone 7.

Via: BGR

  • Chris

    One in a million.

  • As my “colleague” has stated….. ONE in a MILLION!

  • Scott Landis

    There is a reason Lithium-Ion batteries have some pretty strict regulations around air and ground transport. I’m honestly surprised this doesn’t happen more. I am curious who is responsible for the replacement in this situation, the shipper (Apple) or the shipping company.

  • Anthony Velazquez

    Weird that the box seems in remarkably good shape if this actually blew up before he got it.

  • Dirk Lenz

    Sorry for using all caps, but DON’T FEED THE BELL.

  • Allen Mac

    I have a feeling it is fake. The box looks too good and I think he microwaved it to make it explode. Where is the shipper’s documentation stating the damaged package?

  • JackThomasAZ

    The box looks too good for a battery explosion. I’m guessing he microwaved it.

  • Paul Lloyd Johnson

    According to you Killian the Note 7 exploding wasn’t a thing anymore and everyone is over it?

  • No brainer

    Haha…I just love you (silently denying) Apple nerds (I was one myself once) who worship any and every -thing Apple does..! LOL!!!