Spotify Gaming puts your favorite video game soundtracks in one place


A one-stop shop for gaming music.
Photo: Spotify

Spotify has launched a new music portal that puts the soundtracks to your favorite videos games in one place. It features original music from titles like Grand Theft Auto, Halo and No Man’s Sky — plus curated playlists from Spotify and the community.

Spotify Gaming is the perfect place to relive your greatest gaming achievements. It’s split up into three categories — featured playlists, original soundtracks, and Spotify Curated playlists — and each one is filled with tunes.

You’ll find the original music from games like Battlefield Hardline, Uncharted 4, Call of Duty: Black Ops III, The Last of Us, and Mass Effect 3 — plus sets put together by fans of titles like Driveclub, FIFA 16, and Madden NFL 16.

There are also playlists put together by gaming publications like Polygon and GamesBeat, and curated playlists from the editors at Spotify that will match your gaming mood — whether you want electronic, heavy, or hip hop tracks.

Spotify Gaming can be enjoyed for free; all you need is a Spotify account. But remember, if you’re not a Spotify Premium subscriber, you’ll have to listen to everything on random when you’re using a mobile device.

Source: Spotify