Apple Car may not be an articulated tank after all


Maintenance personnel from the 5055th Range Squadron drive an M-973 small unit support vehicle through the snow.
Tank different.
Photo: Wikipedia CC

You can breath a sigh of relief: Apple’s forthcoming Project Titan apparently isn’t going to be an articulated tank, after all!

As it turns out, the patent which circulated yesterday — showing how Apple had acquired a patent for allowing an articulated vehicle to survive gunfire or harsh weather situations — should never have been signed over to Cupertino in the first place.

So much for the MagSafe tank connector.
Photo: USPTO

The patent was originally invented by BAE Systems, a company which manufactures and sells vehicles predominantly for military applications. As we noted yesterday, there was no logical explanation why Apple would have acquired the patent — even though I secretly hoped it was to mess with Samsung by getting them to rush such a vehicle into production.

According to the law firm Morrison & Foerster LLP, which has been responsible for filing a large number of Apple patents in the past, the reason for the Apple attribution was a “typographical error.”

It’s all, frankly, a bit weird — particularly since Apple’s name was apparently listed as an assignee since it was filed in July 2015. That means that it took 13 months (and publicizing from various tech blogs) for someone at Apple or BAE to notice the problem.

Via: Patently Apple