Users locked out of Apple ID after updating to iOS 10 beta 2

Users locked out of Apple ID after updating to iOS 10 beta 2


iOS 10
Be careful with iOS 10 beta 2.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Some users have been locked out of their Apple IDs after installing the second iOS 10 beta that was rolled out to registered developers Tuesday. The bug causes testers to be signed out of their devices “for security reasons,” and then prevents them from resetting their passwords.

“All of my signed in Apple devices requested that I enter the password in Settings,” describes one Reddit user. “I was told upon entering my password that my account had been locked out due to security reasons.”

When attempting to reset the account password, Apple’s iForgot page threw up server errors, and messages that read, “Your request could not be completed at this time.” Despite this, Apple Support confirmed there were no outages.

Two-factor authentication might be a factor

No one knows what caused the lockout, but plenty of iOS 10 users on Reddit — mostly those who have two-factor authentication enabled — say they have experienced exactly the same problem since upgrading to iOS 10 beta 2. Others also report experiencing it with the iOS 9.3.3 beta.

Unfortunately, Apple Support is unable to reset passwords manually for those with two-factor authentication enabled, but customers can request account recovery.

It’s unclear if this issue was rectified before Apple made iOS 10 beta available to public testers, so you might want to think twice before installing that release.

What’s new in iOS 10 beta 2

If you’ve tried the latest beta software, you know iOS 10 beta 2 brought many changes. As we reported yesterday, developers have spotted more than 50 tweaks. The changes affect everything from Apple Music to widgets.

While many iOS 10 beta 2 additions are simply minor UI tweaks, some significant changes affect the Home button, Messages, Notification Center and other key features of Apple’s upcoming mobile OS.

The stable release of iOS 10 should come this fall around the time of the iPhone 7 launch. For a hands-on look at all the new features in iOS 10 beta 2, watch the video below.