Twit Menulet : A Twitter Client for Jaguar and Tiger Users [Review]



With Twitter gaining so much popularity in the mainstream, there seem to be hundreds of Twitter clients available for Mac. But what about us Tweeters who still have old Macs and are running OS X Tiger or even Panther? Twit Menulet fills the gap for those Mac users who still want to Tweet without having to upgrade their entire system. Read on for the full review and an exclusive offer for the Cult of Mac audience:


The beauty of the Twit Menulet app is that is resides entirely in your menu bar. Other Twitter clients seem to want to dominate your desktop or take over your Growl notifications. Twit Menulet provides the perfect balance of function and style. When you want to see the latest Tweets from your followers, just select the Twit Menulet icon. By default the icon is setup to alternate between the profile photos of the people you follow. You may also change it to show a ticker displaying the latest tweet from the person shown in the icon. I found it distracting after awhile but to each their own.

Tweets, Expanded

Of course the greatest feature of this app is that it will work on any Mac using OS X 10.3.9 Jaguar or above, even on PowerPC-based systems. This nicely fills the gap left by many of the other Twitter clients aimed at the Snow Leopard and Leopard audiences. This really is one of the few apps that has mastered the art of the menu bar. While Growl notifications are not supported by this app, a simple click on the icon will keep you up to date with your Twitter feed.

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Overall, Twit Menulet is a nice client for those users still running older systems. At $9 Twit Menulet is a great option for those last few Jaguar and Tiger users who refuse to let go of their PPC Mac’s.


Twit Menulet has been recently upgraded to support OAuth and also to support Tumblr accounts.