Get a U.S. iTunes Account Anywhere In the World [How To]



Reader “Romeo From Brazil” wrote in to share an awesome tip: how to quickly and easily get a U.S. iTunes account anywhere in the world.

Romeo’s method works like a charm. You don’t need a credit card and it is far easier than other methods we’ve seen. Best, it works in ANY country, so if you’re in the U.S., you can use it to buy music available only in the U.K. And if you’re outside the U.S., you can use the account to buy apps and music not available in your country, like Apple’s iWorks suite.

Here’s how it works:

I just love to share this secret anytime I can and I’m sure everybody that is outside of the USA will love to know this workaround as well.


Yes, you can make it anywhere outside of the US – I’m brazilian
Yes, you can have more than one account for different App Stores even though Apple says you can’t (like an US account and one in your country)
Yes, your iPhone (or iPad for that matter) can be logged in any of your accounts and download from any as well.

You just have to follow a couple of steps.

How to get a U.S. iTunes account no matter where you live

(BTW this method works in ANY country. So you can create an account in the U.K. to download awesome music only available across the pond)

1) Open iTunes and Log out of your iTunes Store account.

2) In the bottom of the iTunes Store window you’ll see a “flag” icon. Click on the icon or select Change Country. This where you can navigate to the other international iTunes stores.

3) Choose the United States iTunes Store.

3) Once you’re in the U.S. iTunes Store, DON”T create an account!!!!!! That’s the SECRET. Simply start browsing the App Store and find any FREE app and click to download it…

4) You’ll be prompted to log in or create a new account. Choose Create New Account.

5) Fill in your email address, password and security question.

6) The next window asks you to register a credit card, but if you register an international credit card, Apple will block your registration as it won’t accept your card (your international billing address will make you ineligible) BUT if you choose “None” you’re good to go. Note: This option is available ONLY if you try to download a free app first…

7) Boom!!! You now have a working USA iTunes store account!! This account is good for any free app you want to download right away.

Paid Apps

What about the paid apps you can’t find in your local iTunes Store?? Like the iWork suite or any cool app that hasn’t been released in your country??

There’s a workaround for that too: you won’t be able to register your card in this account but you can always put in credits with iTunes Gift Cards. You can buy them in any Apple store or even through eBay. As it’s a code you don’t even have to wait or pay for shipment. Usually the eBay seller will email you with your code.

Hope you guys like this little secret as much as i do!
Be free!
All the best


  • Andreas

    i have created the free account as described in this post and then a bought an itunes gift card and added it o my account. However when i try to purchase an app it directs me to add a US credit card to my account and therefore i cannot use the amount i added to itunes.
    Can you please advise?

  • violent

    E-Bay iTunes gift cards could be stolen or worse invalid. You won’t know if it’s either, until it is too late. I have found a really good site that sells US iTunes gift cards, and they send you the claim code in an e-mail right after your purchase. The site is They take Paypal, so anyone outside of the US can purchase the US gift cards.

  • US Unlocked

    Here’s how you set up an iTunes account with a US billing address:… Once you have the US Unlocked Card you can shop and download from other websites that require a US billing address as well. Think Hulu Plus, Xbox etc.

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  • alienboy

    Does not work- the provide a payment screen requires that you enter a United States address and details

  • Amazed

    Enter any address and it will work, I entered 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA and it worked.

  • Quigger

    I did the same – exactly same address. :-)

    Plus when you get the verify email and click the link. It fails.
    So I changed the URL string to list UK instead of US

  • Jackie

    It does work, do google search for a californian hotel and enter their contact details.
    Im now downloading precious US tv show, I bought an itunes gift card when in thevStates.
    Thanks for all the advice.

  • Wailadd

    It doesn’t work. You will still need a US credit card with a US billing address

  • Tobiasfrancis

    I have done the instructions but when i get up to the paying method, it does not come up with “none”, Please help!!!!

  • Gonzales_joselorenzo

    1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA doesn’t work!! help!!

  • Leonardo Giacosa Negrisoli

    You must look for a valid U.S address at google maps.
    You may use an Apple Retail Store address if you want.

  • worksof

    Thank you SO much. I wanted to get an app that was only in UK and now I can. Thank you so very much.

  • happy camper

    Thanks so much for sharing this info, I was trying to get the Last FM app for my iPhone in Australia and couldn’t do it without a US or UK iTunes account, but managed to do it with a US itunes account as you explained below,

    many thanks.


  • Guest

    This did not work. Once it took me to paypal it said I needed a valid USA funding source.

  • Jaryd Pretorius

    type 12533 as the zip and hopewell as city and then select newyork … works

  • Jaryd Pretorius

    i just googled a random adress

  • Mike

    didn’t work for me either… they must have changed this in the latest itunes… :( I had an account and could get into the us store… but then when it came to downloading the app it asked for my credit card and didnt give me a none option.. so i put in my credit card details with a us address and it didnt work.. then i put in my australian address.. then it converted my account to an australian account… then i went in and changed it back to a usa account and then tried pay pal.. still didnt work…… GAH

  • Mike

    actually! I got it to work!

  • Meutenis

    for me worked just fine !! cheers !!!

  • Jonaskristensen8620

    Did Itunes US. make a chance with the new Itunes, cause now I’m not able buy the anything now, and I still have 7.$ on my account?

  • Linda Hemerik

    @1c846d10fe36107bde46e7bebc65b93a:disqus @f184cc3f062e3e7a1c736d6600d0c142:disqusfor a guaranteed way to set up iTunes from outside the US and buy paid apps:

  • Espresso21

    This used to work fine for me, but now it keeps giving me an ‘incorrect billing address’ error. Help please! By the way I was using the gift card option before.

  • Bigcop

    Got a US account for quite a while now and did all the updates. But yesterday (05/12/11) it was just impossible to update. Even by signing out of my original iTunes and signing in the US iTune.

    Any solution ?

  • Bigcop

    SOLUTION FOUND : I added a word on my US address and now all updates are done.

  • Ryan NewJack


  • Ryan NewJack


  • Nockty

    I just did it and it worked! =) thnx a lot! 

  • cris

    yep, they have removed NONE… end of the party! 

  • Hiulam1

    what about us phone number?

  • Fulanitadelospalotes

    I just want to thank you for leading all of us in the path to freedom from all the limitations we encounter.  This article was superb.

  • Nehal

    Thank you.

  • ishanguptaa

    for me worked just fine !! cheers !!!
    iphone 5

  • lynx

    thanks a lot! it was really helpful!!

  • davidwithlove

    This did not work. Once it took me to paypal it said I needed a valid USA funding source.  mac  best wordpress themes

  • Remco Tevreden

    yes, it worked !!! very happy with this info

  • Remco Tevreden

    yes, it worked !!! very happy with this info

  • surialism

    can we just change the address to US? I created a singapore account already (with this trick). But now I live in Indonesia and can find only US itunes gift card here. thanks in advance!

  • USA Playstation and Itunes pre

    I am from the USA, ship  codes for itunes quickly

  • USA Playstation and Itunes pre

    Is there a way I can help, I see your post was from 2 months ago, let me know

  • USA Playstation and Itunes pre

    if you need any help with the itunes let me know gabby2519@yahoo-K3VENDG5IKDKR2ENVQFMY7Q6KU:disqus .com

  • USA Playstation and Itunes pre

    have you been able to sign up yet mike

  • Ruan dupreez

    I still get a message saying “Could not verify your address. pLease make sure that you entered the correct Zip code, etc etc…”

  • Jadon Wells

    ok, i live in AUS and i made a U.S. account using this method, but if stores in Australia only sell Australian redeem cards, how do i redeem anything?

  • Jadon Wells

     please help me…
    i live in AUS and i made a U.S. account using this method, but if
    stores in Australia only sell Australian redeem cards, how do i redeem
    anything? do i have to buy U.S. redeem cards over ebay?

  • Angel Juarez Caceres

    que gran post hermanos te mandaste

  • Andrej

    I use adress of Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York ;-)

  • petehels

    I bought gift iTunes from the USA site, to send via an email to friends in Australia. They received the email and code, but cannot access the tunes as it says only available from USA? Any ideas how they can download the music which has been paid for?

  • Jasminette Smith

    Please help me guys…. I really need a US Itunes account … I need to post a comment / testimonial to a friend who just started selling his rap mp3 over I tunes…send me reply @

  • Sonia Rainbow

    Thank you!!!

  • Sonia Rainbow

    Thank you!!!

  • silentz_Control

    yeah they removed the none option  :(

  • silentz_Control

    yeah they removed the none option  :(

  • All Nitro

    hey guys i really need a US. account but when it asks for my zip code hone number and adress and state i dont know what to do as i live in windsor which is in canada and i dont know anything about the US. PLEASE HELP
    my email is “”
    and do you have to buy an itunes card for this to work?

  • kevinanchi1

    I just want to thank you for leading all of us in the path to freedom from all the limitations we encounter. Thank you for sharing to us.there are many person searching about that now they will find enough resources by your post.I would like to join your blog anyway so please continue sharing with us…


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  • Guest

    They most certainly didn’t, I just created a U.S. account right now and there was a none option.

  • Guest

    1. Just open up Google and type in a U.S. city followed up zip code. For example; Modesto California Zip Code. As for home phone and address…just make it up, it’s not like they’re going to check right? You could use 123 Fake Street Modesto California 95350, with a home phone of 101-987-6543 and it’ll work.

    2. Nope, don’t need an itunes card, just select “None” for payment option.

  • Chipzaroy

    Does anyone in the UK want to iTunes penpal with me (i’m in the US) please let me know! 

    my email is

  • Elias Stette

    Nice guide. I would recommend buying your gift cards from, reliable and with PayPal.

  • Emonterogo

    I am not fom US and have lots of restrictions where I live to get some apps like games and others. I have already purchased several apps with my local account ID but I was looking for a way to workaround this restriction and have visibility all that is in apple store. Now, I used the above instructions to create a US account and so far so good I did that. My question. Since my iphone already have several apps loaded from my old ID if I switch to the new ID from US would I lose my purchased apps since they are not associated with the new ID locally in the US?

  • buddy

    Just followed your instructions from Australia and worked a treat although I still had to enter a US address (just picked a random one off google).  Now I have the US Dexter App that was only available in Oz for about 30 secs… thanks guys – great tip!

  • Heythere

    hey wait the sec .  how about if i want to sell our song . our country not available ! i dont want buying but i want to sell it . can you help me?

  • Felfac

    It won’t let me log in on my iPhone or iPad it says ‘wrong username or password’ yet on iTunes on my computer my American account works but not on my iPhone or iPad please help! Have tried resetting password

  • Alawi

    I have the 10.4.1 iTunes (OS X Lion) and it asked for USA address; however after adding USA address did not work and giving following error in red “Contact iTunes support to create this account”
    Anyone can help?

  • Dmixdj

    I already had a US iTunes acc set up this way in the Past. I did this again yesterday using the method described  above and created a UK store Acc. So now, My iPad & iPhone can buy & sync apps from Both US & UK Stores without Problem. This Method 100% Works if you follow the Instructions properly! :-)

  • thatjudekid

    There is no option None as seen in step  6. You have to enter a credit card.

  • Gary Green

    Thank you.  Worked perfectly.  I was so frustrated.

  • Jaymado_football

    Wen i got to the credit card stuff there wasnt a “none” option

  • Makavelitupac95

    Nope. First time i tried, there was no “none” option. Second time i tried with another free item, “none” option was there. :D

  • Tillyvanilly

    Hi there, worked like a charm, thank you!
    I worked the second time I tried!

  • Racheltiffanytay

    doesnt work anymore, at least the last i tried. even after selecting ‘none’ for payment, it does not allow you to proceed till you have keyed in a billing address.

  • netstrada

    use 4saleusa website for itunes gift card USA instead of credit cards

  • MelC

    Dude, you’re aweome! Thanks so much

  • Tonelvas

    Many thanks from Canader.
    Anything to get our monies worth from Apple.

  • Ingemar Castillo

    I am from Curacao ( in the caribbean).
    I’ve done the steps….but after a chose “none” and clicked on “continue” they tell “you did not complete the entire form,please enter Title” 

    They meant my personal informations.

  • Sarah

    Hi Jadon, I’m an Aussie living in the US and I have a business that may help you out we are called US to OZ feel free to check out our site :)

  • Shakiby

    I live in the Middle East so it’s a bit of a hassle as I had to depend on a friend’s account to get apps. I don’t want to jailbreak the phone either so – this was fantastic. Thanks a mil

  • Michelcannu

    Wow! Many thanks! This was very good!

  • Maureenfilippi

    not quite as simple as it looked, but with perseverance, got my UK account, no credit card, thank you so much, this is fantastic!!!!

  • markocr

    Can i buy itunes mach that way?

  • ronenbekerman

    What happens to the account i have prior to this move? and all apps that I have on my iPhone and iPad? will they remain as is… just want to make sure before I do something I can’t get back from ;)

  • Alan

    I have used for years, and they recently started providing a simple solution for iTunes Match also. Really good service, and great customer service.
    Warmly recommended!

  • Danielle

    I’m from sweden and i buy iTunes gift cards from anywhere in the world using Parman enterprise. Heres the link if anyone here needs to buy :)

  • Alan

    I have been using for years, and they always come through. They even offer a smooth solution for using iTunes Match outside the US!

  • Desiree Cross

    When I select PayPal as method of payment and sign in to paypal  i receive the error: This recipient requires that you have a valid funding source from United States in order to complete this transaction. :-(

  • Desiree Cross

    When I select PayPal as method of payment and sign in to paypal  i receive the error: This recipient requires that you have a valid funding source from United States in order to complete this transaction. :-(

  • Desiree Cross

    UPDATE… you need to try to download a free app. I was trying to download a free tv episode. When I tried to download a free app a ‘none’ button appeared in the payment options next to PayPal which allowed me to create my US account :-)

  • Danielle Keener

    for my job i need to be out of the country alot so to buy iTunes or amex or visa cards internationally i use!!! faithful customer ^_^

  • Mia Winchester

    ” And if you’re outside the U.S., you can use the account to buy apps and music not available in your country”

    Can you buy music, movies and TV shows then? With the gift card option? You don’t need to go through the *free app” method for that do you? Sorry if it’s a stupid question. I’m not interested in apps, I want TV shows !!!

    Thanks in advance for your answer !

  • Mia Winchester

    and now you can buy tv episodes with paypal outside the US ? :O

  • Bernard

    when i try to create new account using above mentioned method, I got error message saying ‘please contact itunes support to complete this transaction’, it won’t let me create apple ID. 
    This is the screenshot of the error

  • Ananth Narayan

    sad :(

  • Ananth Narayan

    They have removed the None feature

  • Ananth Narayan

    It worked! But apps downloaded from the us store are not getting downloaded on to my ipod. why??????????????????

  • gabriel robert

    does it have to be ‘itunes gift cards”? or it doesnt matter what type the gift cards are? cause they’re like.. many of em.. wallmart, victoria secret etc.

  • Werner

    After ticking the “None” option it requests that I contact an iTunes administrator, do you have any advice?

  • Matthew Needham

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  • markm1287

    I tried and tried and tried but couldn’t get the “none” button to appear. I gave up, until one of my buddies told me about a site he used called They’ll actually help you set up an account!

  • sachavic

    wow great post! Whenever i need to buy an app or anything usually purchase an itunes giftcard online to do so. I’ve looked around and the easiest and best website i have found has got to be they are quick and always reliable.

  • Matthew Needham is the fastest and cheapest place to get US iTunes gift codes!

    Authentic codes, Immediate delivery!

  • mojojojo

    i”m so glad i found this site and the steps! it worked well with a few headaches but sure they were my fault:) then i had the second problem that i couldnt buy itunes giftcards from itunes online:( but then i got a link for a website and all is well again, incase anyone wants it >>
    thanks again

  • MarshalTk

    IT WORKED perfectly!! im an american living in France and watching american movies in french is just unbearable..awful!! u just saved my evenings, God bless u!!

  • MarshalTk

    This did not work. Once it took me to paypal it said I needed a valid USA funding source.

    click none, which is the basic option..retry with the new itunes, it works!! i just added some money using a gift card and im about to make my first purchase! ;) i’ll keep u posted

  • MarshalTk

    Well i have a little bit of a bad news for y’all, in order to buy something, u might need to get you gift card/itunes card from the US, otherwise u wont be able to purchase any apps!! too bad

  • marieceline

    Hello guys! I’m 15 years old and wants to make a US iTunes account. I have tried this tip and it really worked but the problem is it keeps on asking for an iTunes gift card code. I don’t have any so what should I put? Please help me. Thank you. :)

  • residentnice

    Can I use my email address that is already a UK iTunes account, or will this confuse the system?

  • ernaara

    hello, I am in iceland and i am trying to do this to get an US Itunes account but I dont´have an us adress so I am stranded there, what can i do?

  • bahamaslilly

    Hey guys:
    If anyone is interested in purchasing an email for a US Itunes account or an Itunes Gift card Code, you can send me a message on You can search for my Ebay user name which is bahamaslilly123 You will get an email address along with a password which can always be changed. Once you’ve purchased the email, you won’t need to enter any credit card information for purchasing apps in Itunes or in the app store, because you can also purchase a gift card which you can use as a form of payment in the app store. It seems as though international users have a problem with getting a US Itunes account and making purchases in the app store. I can help you. For more information: You can send me a message on Ebay: My seller name is bahamaslilly123

  • princesspeach

    Ernaara- You can just look up a random US business and use that on google- that’s what I did.
    And if anyone is looking for a good site to buy US iTunes gift cards with email delivery, I have had great experiences with

  • maryiam

    You can get a giftcard easy, just search on google and you will find many. I just bought one from

  • ridge083

    yes, but you do need an USA residential address and phone number e.g. use

  • aldhis

    Hi, I already tried this several times now recently and unable to create a new account even with a valid US resident address and with NONE option appear. The last clue i got is recently Apple requires US CC to create this. Some blog said that you need to choose free apps Made by Apple, but it’s not working either.
    Anyone might be able to help?

  • aldhis

    Hi, I already tried this several times now recently and unable to create a new account even with a valid US resident address and with NONE option appear. The last clue i got is recently Apple requires US CC to create this. Some blog said that you need to choose free apps Made by Apple, but it’s not working either.
    Anyone might be able to help?

    I just got my us iTunes account with help from my friend. The secret is in the address. And yes, any free app will do.
    As for the us voucher, I have great exp with

    • Allison

      You just need to register with any valid US address and to circumvent the required US credit card, you can use iTunes gift cards. I buy the codes from

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  • Exile

    It works fine, thank you :-). The only thing to remember is that you need a valid USA address, anyone will do, I just looked up the address of a major hotel and that worked fine !! :-)

  • Allison

    This works well, thank you :-). The only thing to remember is that you need a valid USA address, anyone will do, I just looked up a random address on google. They also require a US credit card, but if you buy iTunes gift cards you can circumvent that. I just bought from They send you the code (with all the registering instructions) immediately and then you’re ready to go!