Asked for iTunes gift cards to pay IRS bill? Yep, that’s a scam


Crazily enough, you can't pay your taxes in iTunes gift cards.
Photo: Apple

Florida police in Port St. Lucie are warning people of a new scam that asks for iTunes vouchers as payment for money apparently owed to the Internal Revenue Service.

While such a thing sounds like something no-one would fall for, it has already apparently duped one unfortunate man into buying an iTunes card worth $2,300 at his local Target store.

According to the victim, he was phoned up by a man claiming to be an IRS agent, supposedly in possession of his personal information. He was then asked to purchase an iTunes card and to call another number to hand over the authorization code. If he didn’t do this, he was told that he would be arrested.

From the way that the story is reported, it sounds as though the victim only realized it was a scam after the “IRS agent” he spoke to kept pushing for more money, by asking how the rest of the supposed debt was going to be paid off.

The police have pointed out — if it needs pointing out again — that the IRS will never ask that taxes are paid in the form of gift cards.

Source: Palm Beach Post