iPads Now Available For Pre-Order In Some International Countries



If you live in Canada, the UK, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain or Switzerland, you can now pre-order your very own iPad, just like those cowboys in America have been yodeling about! Just hit up your local online Apple store and register your pre-order for delivery on May 28th.

Here in Germany, the 3G prices look to roughly fall in line with AT&T’s offer in the States, with a choice between Vodafone and O2 supplying unlimited data plans for €29.95 and €25, respectively, no contract required. Glad to see that Apple has been successful pushing carriers to adopt a more consumer friendly subscription model, even abroad.

Otherwise, no real surprises here, although I’m bemused that Apple is charging €0.20 extra for the microSIM.

Ordered your iPad? Feel free to brag in the comments.