Classics eBook Reader Coming for iPhone



Developers Phil Ryu and Andrew Kaz are about to release an iPhone eBook reader with a very cool interface. Flip the iPhone’s screen to turn the page, and the page turns as though it’s a real book! It’s very slick.

Ryu’s $2.99 “Classics” app will feature 10 to 12 books including Alice in Wonderland, The Jungle Book and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

“We’ll be adding books with free updates,” says Ryu, 20, who lives in Boston.

Ryu is probably best known for his work at MacHeist, and Kaz, 18, was just 14 when he worked on delicious library. Kaz is based in New Jersey.

The pair are planning to submit the app to the app store in a few days.

Meanwhile, they have a preview available, and more details about the app here.

  • Jack

    It’s called “Classics”, and that screen shot is totally wrong :\.

  • Jordan Satok

    Looks really great. I can’t wait for it on the app store.

  • lonbud

    @Jack – thanks for the critique. Title and screen shot repaired.

  • Stuart

    Looks slick, no mention of stanza though?

  • oldbeamer

    ComicZeal does a similar thing for classic comic books. Any chance of a review?