Cola Messenger wants to streamline texting with ‘bubbles’


Cola's bubbles want to take over your texting experience.
Cola's bubbles want to take over your texting experience.
Photo: Cola.

Most iPhone users spend more time texting than in any other app. Everything from scheduling meetings to finding out what your buddies want to eat tonight is done through texting, the only problem is the experience really hasn’t evolved since iOS was first introduced.

Cola is a new messenger app that wants to fix that by streamlining your communication with little bubbles that let you do stuff like create polls, make a to-do list, and much more so you can spend less time texting and more time enjoying life.

Cola Introduction Video from Cola on Vimeo.

“The motto of our company is ‘text less, do more’ because we know all too well the pain of trying to do one simple thing with text, and having it turn into an endless process of app hopping, back and forth suggestions, questions, and time-wasting nonsense,” says Cola CEO, David Temkin. “By bringing interactive bubbles into the conversation we let you do more with less texting and keep your life moving.”

Using your texting client as a channel for getting things done may not sound like a productivity booster but Cola adds new tools to the experience that simplify the most common tasks. Instead of juggling around friends’ schedules to find a good time to meet you can just send out a calendar with your best times to find what works for everyone.

The app also lets you find out where people are so you know exactly when they’ll arrive at a location. Best of all, the platform is open to third-party developers so new interactive experiences can be woven into your text conversations.

The app is available on iOS now for free.