MasterCard offers free Tube rides for Apple Pay users in U.K

MasterCard offers free Tube rides for Apple Pay users in U.K


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Save yourself the best part of thirty quid with MasterCard and Apple Pay.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

If, like me, you live in the U.K., you get bad weather, gray skies, and a baffling international reputation for bland cuisine and poor dental hygiene — but also free London travel for certain Apple Pay customers on selected days in January.

That’s because MasterCard is revisiting its pre-Christmas promotion, by offering more of its “Free Fare Mondays” on the London Underground to promote Apple Pay.

Not a bad trade-off if you ask me!

The promotion runs for the next three Mondays, and means that MasterCard holders with an Apple Watch or Apple Pay-equipped iPhone (that’s an iPhone 6 or 6s) can ride the Tube free of charge, provided they’ve got their credit card added to their Apple Pay Wallet.

So long as this is the case, all users need to do is to touch in and out with their Apple Pay device during their journey — saving a maximum of £28.10 in the process. Pretty neat, right?

Now if only similar promotions could be extended beyond those who live in London.

Source: Engadget